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If you have any questions about submissions, sponsorships, attending, or if you just want to talk, let us know. 

Provo, UT


Pocket Film Fest is all about ONE thing: Freedom and Mobility.

Okay, maybe that's two things.

With a smartphone today, you can shoot, edit, and share your experiences while the adventure is still happening. Whether it's a heartfelt vlog made on a journey of self discovery, a spontaneous outburst of hilarity, a music video, death defying action, or a feature film that's never seen a desktop computer, we want to explore what YOU can do with the best camera in the world: the one in your pocket.



To those who would devote their time and talents to the cause of Pocket Films, in the spirit of self-sacrifice and honor...

We salute you.

So you want to be a Pocketeer.

Good. Because we'll need you. Throughout the days of the festival, a small army of Pocketeers will manage crowds, take tickets, direct attendees, dispense information to the confused hosts, and perform stunts in front of thousands of screaming fans. OK not so much that last part, mostly for insurance reasons.

For their bold and noble service, Pocketeers will get free admission to the fest, an official Pocketeer t-shirt, and a bunch of swag from our sponsors. 

All Pocketeers must be available for the majority of the festival events, including the whole day of September 4th, 2015. If you can't commit to that, but you still want to be a Pocketeer, we'll give you the title and a shirt if you manage to make yourself extremely useful in some other way (for instance, how many fliers are you willing to hand out?)

If you are already a Pocketeer in spirit, and now wish to manifest your destiny in the world, fill out this form in honesty and truth, and then await our call.

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Name thyself:
What kind of Pocketeer will you be?