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Provo, UT


Pocket Film Fest is all about ONE thing: Freedom and Mobility.

Okay, maybe that's two things.

With a smartphone today, you can shoot, edit, and share your experiences while the adventure is still happening. Whether it's a heartfelt vlog made on a journey of self discovery, a spontaneous outburst of hilarity, a music video, death defying action, or a feature film that's never seen a desktop computer, we want to explore what YOU can do with the best camera in the world: the one in your pocket.


Q. So what are the festival rules?

A. We only have a couple rules.

  • Your  submission must be filmed on your mobile device. We encourage all filmmakers to respect the festival along with fellow filmmakers by creating all original media on your mobile device. You'll be asked during the submission process what devices and apps you used. If the judges are skeptical of a submission, they may ask for a demonstration. The point is, film on mobile (smartphone, tablet, and/or action cam), and keep it as mobile-made as you can.
  • The festival will take place outdoors, and all material must be family friendly. 

These are really our only rules. Please play by the rules.

Q. What are the iOS requirements?

A. This one is pretty straightforward. Your submitted film must be shot entirely on one or more iOS devices, including all iPhones and iPads.

Q. What are the Android requirements?

A. All media for your Android submission must be shot or otherwise created entirely on an Android device, including all smartphone and tablet devices.

Q. What are the Action Cam requirements?

A. All footage for your Action Cam submission must be filmed on a sporting or action camera device, like a Contour, GoPro, or similar. If you have questions about whether your camera qualifies for the Action Cam division, contact us.

Q. Can I use a different mobile device?

A. Absolutely. Please do. We want everybody to submit, as long as the submission was filmed entirely on a mobile device, such as a smartphone, tablet or action camera. If your film was created in a different way or with a different result than most films, that’s a good thing.


Q. What kinds of films are you looking for, or what kinds of films are more likely to be screened?

A. We will accept submissions from any genre, any style, any whatever, as long as they're family friendly. 


Q. How long should my submission be?

A. We'll keep this simple. You can submit any length of film, as long as it's at least 3 seconds long (the minimum length for Instagram video).

Other Questions?

Q. Can I submit more than one film?

A. Yes. You can submit as many films as you can create. We will consider each carefully before choosing which films will be screened. 

Need answers that aren't here? Contact us. If we get asked more than once, we’ll put it in the FAQ.