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Provo, UT


Pocket Film Fest is all about ONE thing: Freedom and Mobility.

Okay, maybe that's two things.

With a smartphone today, you can shoot, edit, and share your experiences while the adventure is still happening. Whether it's a heartfelt vlog made on a journey of self discovery, a spontaneous outburst of hilarity, a music video, death defying action, or a feature film that's never seen a desktop computer, we want to explore what YOU can do with the best camera in the world: the one in your pocket.






Austin Craig

Here's the story.

The organizers have met with a fantastic opportunity that will, in the long run, mean great things for the fest’s growth and success. We’re producing a television show about creativity, the creative process, and the amazing tools available for self expression today. This work aligns perfectly with our mission for the festival, which is to showcase the creative brilliance and innovation possible using even simple tools.

Unfortunately, the effort necessary to produce the show made it impossible to host the 2016 festival. As a small team, we’re focusing to create the best creative showcase possible.

The Pocket Film Fest will be back in 2017, bigger and better than ever. 

But GOOD NEWS! If you’ve produced a great mobile-made film that the world needs to see, check out SF3, the Smart Fone Flick Fest! This smartphone film festival is the spiritual sister fest of the Pocket Film Fest. They’re accepting submissions till the end of July, so don’t delay!

Official Fest Selections, and BIG Announcement

Austin Craig

We're thrilled to announce the selections for the 2015 Pocket Film Fest, screeningnext week in Provo! Come, and bring all your friends and family, becaaaauuuusee...

The Fest is Free This Year!

We thought we were going to have to charge for tickets to host the Pocket Film Fest this year.

But we have had SO MUCH support from StartFEST, our sponsors, and Provo City itself, that those costs are much lower than we thought they'd be.

So we went and refunded everyone who already bought tickets, and dropped the price of the rest to zero. Because that's how we roll. All of the events except for the features* will be FREE.

But the tickets are still limited, so get yours today!

*Life on Bitcoin and Raiders! aren't ours to give away, unfortunately, but they're AWESOME, so don't let eight bucks scare you away :)

Final Day for Entries!

Austin Craig

This is it! Your LAST chance to submit for the 2015 fest!

Submit Your Film Here!

If you've shot creative video on your smartphone, tablet, or action camera, or if there's anything you want to shoot todaynow is the time!

We've been reviewing the submissions, and there are some fantastic films we're excited to share. This is going to be a fantastic fest!

If you're in Utah (or would like to visit our beautiful state), come to the festival! There will be so much going on, between the Pocket Film FestStartFEST, The Beehive Bazaar,South of Center Fest, all happening at the same time! You won't want to miss it. We're excited to see you there.